Sunday, February 27, 2011

Only in Alaska

Now that I'm completely settled in and subbing a ton, I've decided it's time to do things unique to Alaska (and other cold places). Luckily, there are a lot of activities that are either cheap or completely free which is perfect for my poor self. 

I recently went cross country skiing on trails in Eagle River. I did it with my family back when we lived here but the cardio workout and lack of downhill excitement was far less appealing back then. 

My friend Joel took up the challenge with me and we had a blast.

I only fell about 52 times. 

X Country skiing was such a fun activity and an awesome workout, plus it only cost $17 to rent skis. Definitely a hobby I want to take up. 

I also just went to a traditional festivity in Anchorage that I loved attending back in the day. Fur Rondy is a special part of Anchorage history that has all sorts of activities including dog races, snow and ice sculptures and traditions unique to Eskimos. One of these is the blanket toss.

I have always wanted to try it and I finally got my chance today! 

(the sun made for poor lighting)

More adventures to come soon. :)

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